Dutch Lingo Productions offers a leading Dutch voice talent. Female native Dutch Voice Christa de Ridder used to live and work in the USA, but she recently moved back to The Netherlands. 
Christa has lent her voice to many projects since 2001. Christa works as voice talent on a full-time base.  Although the bulk of her voice over work is in Dutch, her work as European accented English Voice over talent, other than British, is growing fast.

Dutch Lingo Productions also provide translations from English into Dutch. We have provided translation services since 2002 and have many returning customers.
We are for example one of the contracted translators for iTunes, Zumba and Merc, among many others. Quality is our strength.


- 100%  DUTCH -


A colloquial word for a language or the special vocabulary of a language...

Also known as slang, dialect, jargon, idiom.

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